Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - 12 degrees or .......

What is it with Melbourne weather? We had it so good last week. She is a fickle thing, a tease - but I have the remedy ....... too bad it is only a picture :-(

I want to be there!

Attempting to warm up with My Little Drummer Boys , what's the weather like out your window today?

* Picture from Whitsundays tourism site.


  1. It's like that in Darwin. I could wear what she's wearing (probably wouldn't look like that though!) happ WW

  2. I envy Jess !
    We've got some sun but lots of wind over here.
    Happy WW :)

  3. Jealous Jess!! It's only 4:30 here now but is dark/crappy enough to be about 7. ;-(

  4. I want to be there too! My sister is in Hawaii at the moment, and we're shivering away here!

  5. Hawaii = nice! Any warm place would do me right about now! Thanks for dropping by Ash.

  6. oh i want to be there too! its freezing here!


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