Sunday, February 26, 2012

Singing and Pinning - Ordinary Miracle

It's amazing what catches your eye early in the morning. I have been up with the sunrise and out running a few mornings a week. I use this as my cool down song and am rewarded (sometimes) with images like this......

Source: via J on Pinterest

 Joining in at 5 minutes just for me!


Friday, February 24, 2012

Fitness Friday; 12WBT Week#2

I bought size 10 pants this week! I will concede the fact that they are from Target, and their sizes do tend to be generous but WHO CARES? My clothes are feeling looser and I have to smile every time I don't have to breathe in to do a zip up!

I am trying new recipes I never thought I would like; the roasted carrot, chickpea and feta salad was a big win for me, and I changed Monday nights tofu and veggie skewers into a chicken and veggie stir fry using the same marinade ingredients. The kids loved it and even asked for more! My one weakness is still chocolate - so have been 'sneaking' that in by allowing myself a protein bar twice a week after a weights session. They are only 150 calories, and I use them as one of my snacks.

I don't feel deprived of anything which is why I believe this will work long term. And the buzz I had after running 25 minutes non stop Thursday morning is making me get up and do it all again at 6:30am tomorrow!!

Another small loss on the scales brings my total loss since the start of the year to 3.5kgs - 1.2kg since starting the 12WBT. That is already half way to my goal weight, so will continue to chip away at it!! Hope everyone has had a sucsessful week!

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