Friday, February 17, 2012

Week One over and done! - well, nearly .....

I saw the sunrise yesterday morning. It felt surreal - the moon was still shining, the neighbourhood just waking up. I felt cocooned in my own little world; just me, the pavement, and the C25K music pumping in my ears. Yep, a six a.m. appointment with a workout. Who would've thought I'd be doing THAT a few weeks ago?

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One week into the 12wbt and I am exhausted - but it reminds me that I am living up to the promise I made to myself and all the 12wbt crew; to work hard, not slack off or make excuses.

The food I am struggling with a little more - I cannot look at a piece of bread in the morning, so have just been having healthy cereal. Hands up who LOVED the lasagna? (ME!) The whole family devoured it and I got looks of envy from workmates the next day. I have been following the calorie content of the given meals and substituting things I know the family will eat instead. I am now addicted to mandarines (!) and they make a sweet afternoon snack (and only about 80 calories too.)

Drool! (Image source)

My main issue is I don't burn enough calories in my workout sessions. If you watched the Wednesday live session, Michelle outlined that you should be aiming to burn 500-600 calories in a cardio, and 350-450 in weight training. My 40 minute tae-bo workout the other day only yielded 285 calories. I worked up a sweat, I was puffing. I didn't slack or miss any of the moves. What am I doing wrong? Is anyone else in the same boat?

Overall for me so far so good. I lost 800 grams for the week (OK not much, but when you only have a few kilos to lose it's not going to drop off) and I'm feeling great. Feeling even greater with the announcement that the finale workout and party is in MELBOURNE!! Woot! - I will be there with bells on my size 10 dress!

Keep slogging everyone - 1 down, 11 to go!
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