Friday, February 10, 2012

Fitness Friday - here we go!

  Holy crap! How did week 1 creep up so fast? I am actually feeling rather apprehensive now I have seen the nutrition plan and exercise plans on the website. How will I fit this all in? Some of the food looks rather 'exotic' too.

   OK - deep breath, I have roughly sketched exercise times into my diary, as per one of the Preseason tasks, I have one of the Michelle Bridges cookbooks to be able to find alternate meals with similar calorie levels, and I REALLY, REALLY want to conquer a 5K run.

    For those of you I haven't 'met' who are joining in with the 12 week blogger transformation - here are my vital stats!

     Skye - 35, 2 kids (almost 6 and 3). My main reason for doing the 12wbt is to help claw back some me time whilst reclaiming some semblance of fitness! The nutrition plan will help keep our family eating well, as well as challenging me to step outside my comfort zone in terms of the kinds of food I tend to cook.

     I tried to start the C25K running program last year but got really sick at about week 3 and chucked in the towel. This time around I am at the start of week 6 and doing so much better than I expected. I haven't decided whether I will join a gym or do the toning programmes from home - guess I better make up my mind soon!

   Good luck to all starting - may we be a source of encouragement for each other and keep each other motivated if when things get tough!

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