Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Countdown #2

The tree is going up this weekend, pressies are starting to be wrapped.... did somebody say Christmas?

I posted earlier in the year about my preference (OK addiction!) to online shopping, and it once again is proving a simple and stress free way to tick the tasks off the list.

Two down - um, lots to go??

The girls will be getting a trampoline from us, so I am not even going to attempt to wrap that!

The workmates will not be missing out - I will be filling these -
A real find - 50c each at the Reject shop!!
With these -

White Chocolate Peppermint Truffles - for recipe CLICK HERE

                                          and these -

Bailey's Rocky Road Fudge - SEE RECIPE HERE

I will have to make these at the last minute to avoid me sampling too many pieces!
There are so many clever crafts and recipes by bloggers to soak up, we will be trying our own soon, will post more if it is a success!

How are your preparations coming along?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Smell of Success

Thank you to all who entered my Aquamist Giveaway - and here are the winners!

2 X $100 vouchers plus Aquamist prize pack.

Melanie W turned her hand to poetry;

"To keep my home fresh i let the air and light in
open the curtains,blinds, windows and take out the bin
Incense or the oil burner in the go
flowers on the table don't you know
Eucalyptus oil to give the house a good clean
Bi-carb to soak up odours unseen
plus nothing like having a visitor or 2
to inspire ones housework gets a power through
But nothing freshen a house more
than childrens laughter and baking smells galore! "
Mmmm, baked goods, Yes Please!!

Kate's tip was a simple one, but I had never thought of it before ...
  "I read a great tip on a great blog a whole ago that I've been using to freshen up the house.

Basically use your slow cooker as a giant aromatherapy burner! I put water with some sliced lemon, mint or whatever else takes my fancy and set it to cook with the lid slightly off to release the vapors. Works great!"

I can smell the freshness now!

Winner of $150 Coles Myer voucher and Aquamist prize pack;

Michelle had all bases covered with her winning entry -

"To keep my home looking fresh and clean,
(And trust me, I'm no domestic queen!)
I use vinegar to scour and scrub away
It's effective, and cheap enough to use every day!
Then there's lemons; they're great little wonders
For removing those stains caused by blunders!
And a cotton ball soaked in your fave scented oil
Put into your vacuum bag, you'll no longer recoil!
A small bowl of vanilla placed in the fridge
Will keep the aromas, well, ridgy-didge!
And last but not least, open a window or door,
The fresh air is simply too good to ignore!!!"

Thanks to Aquamist and Soup for the opportunity to host this giveaway!

Winners have been notified by email, great work ladies, I have no excuses for a stale home any more!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Blatant Master Card Ad Rip Off ......

The last week has been incredible!

Too much to tell in words, so I'll rip off the old Mastercard ad ....

School Uniform - $270
We got WAY more than what you see here!

New set of wheels - $28,500

Love, love love ............

Cat at the vet for major surgery - $500

She was attacked by another cat  - ggrrr

Knowing our finances are in decent enough shape for the up's and downs of life - PRICELESS!!

What have been your "Mastercard moments" this week?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Winner announced - Who's going to PROM??

Thank you to all who entered the Disney PROM movie pack giveaway.

The winning entry come from Elise, who captured beautifully the feeling of that one night where you feel so special .....

"My favourite school formal memory? That breathtaking "√čver After" moment when I stepped down in my dream dress and met my boyfriends (now husbands!) eyes and watched them light up. That complete feeling of everything being right in the world right at that moment, with all other noise and distractions facing away. I can't wait to share that with my daughter and create her perfect night."

Thanks Elise, hopefully your daughter will enjoy the movie (and goodies) too!

If you missed out I have another great giveaway at the moment - go and CHECK IT OUT!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIN!! Aquamist and Vouchers!

** Thank you for all your entries, this give away is now closed. Winners announced shortly!  **

We have had some sicky tummies around here of late. Thank God I had my stash of AirWick Aquamist to help freshen up the house!

Get your hands on some!
Now, you have the opportunity to try these great fragrances for yourself. I am giving away 3 Aquamist packs which consist of;

1 X
One each of Aquamist full size (345ml) bottles in Fresh Waters, Wild Lavender & Mountain Breeze and Magnolia and Cherry Blossom. PLUS a Coles Myer Voucher to the value $150

2 X
One each of Aquamist full size (345ml) bottles in Fresh Waters, Wild Lavender & Mountain Breeze and Magnolia and Cherry Blossom. PLUS a Coles Myer Voucher to the value $100

Not only will your home smell amazing for your Xmas festivities, you will have some extra cash to splash too!

* Become a follower of Wherever the Day takes You, and tell me your best tip for keeping your home fresh.
* Competition runs from Wednesday 16 November - Friday 25 November 2011.
* The winners responses will be published in a post, winners will be notified by email, so make sure I have a way of contacting you!
* The best response, judged by myself will win the pack with the $150 voucher, two next best will receive packs with $100 vouchers.
* Winners will have three (3) days to respond, otherwise an alternate winner will be announced.
* This giveaway is open to Australian Residents only.


If you haven't entered my Disney PROM giveaway yet, it closes Friday 18th, so get in quick!!

** No payment was offered or received for this promotion. I was given Aquamist product for the purpose of review, and Soup very kindly chipped in with the vouchers.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bloggy Love...... 5 things I love about blogging.

I feel like Sally Field at the Oscars (you like me, you REALLY like me!)
This week, not one but two wonderful ladies have decided that as a blogger, I am finally getting my shiz together!
Firstly, Kerry, aka Special K, gifted me a lovely blog award, a wonderful surprise.

Then, the amazing Mama Grace decides to bestow a versatile blogger award to yours truly! In order to accept this award, I need to tell you 5 things about myself, and of course, share the love around!

Seeing my 50th post was a massive overshare,  I have decided to instead let you know what blogging has brought to my life.

1. I have found a community of strong, funny, courageous, resourceful women (and some guys!) who inspire me daily.

2. I am seeing myself more fully. Beyond a mother, wife, employee. I am someone who now has an outlet for opinions and creativity, and SHOCK HORROR! others are actually happy to read them!

3. I am learning to be more accepting and less judgemental. More accepting and grateful of the things I have in my life, and less judgemental of people who choose to live differently from the way I do.

4. I am becoming more skilled with a computer! Who knew I could do more than my banking and wasting time hanging out on facebook! I still do not understand a thing about html (sorry Glowless!), but I'm getting there!

5. I am loving the opportunity to share opinions, share experiences, share tragedies and triumphs with so many others - if you see a crazed short woman drooling all over her fellow bloggers at DPCON12,  just hand me a Kleenex and say hi!

Here are my 5 nominees to share the Versatile Blogger award with;

Mandy - A Little Space like Home

Jo   - Chickens and Bees

Eloise - The True Adventures of Eloise

Daisy - Daisy, Roo and Two

Shae - Yay! for Home

If you haven't already read any of these amazing blogs, go check 'em out!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Singing and Pinning - A little bit of magic....

A great song from one of my favourite films - Practical magic.

Some magical images to make you smile today

Do YOU believe in magic?
Come and join in with 5 minutes just for me!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Things I Know - The Random Edition

Lots and lots of random things are swimming around in my brain this week, so here goes!

- I know that these girls are growing up so fast! Shannyn has had two school transition sessions to date, and is so excited to be a 'preppie' next year. Ashlee keeps asking me when her 3 year old kinder starts - good luck to her teachers trying to get her to sit still for more than 30 seconds!

- I know that the year is speeding to an end way too fast - we have the girls large pressie already sorted (can anyone say trampoline!!) but no others yet. If my Xmas tree turns out anything like this I will be well pleased!

Source: via KKBar on Pinterest

- I know I am chuffed to be awarded my first Blog award from a day with specialK - and I will be passing on the love very soon ....

- I know I just had to take a break from this post for a minute to change the stinkiest nappy ever, and that I am SO OVER toilet training!! (Sorry for the overshare xx)

- I know that you all still have time to enter my PROM movie pack giveaway. If you have 'tweens' this would make a great Christmas present.

Come and share the things you know with Yay for Home this week!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - PROM

To celebrate the release of Disneys PROM on Blu-Ray and DVD, I thought I'd showcase some other memorable prom moments ......

Ducky and Andie - "Pretty in Pink"

Kicking Joey Donner's butt - 10 things I hate about you

OK, not technically a prom, but Hermione looks amazing!

You can win your very own copy of PROM - just CLICK HERE to enter!

Linking up with Wordless Wednesday - 'cos I'm a cheat ;-)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Disney's PROM - GIVEAWAY!!

Grab the popcorn, settle in on the sofa, and invite your besties over for a step back in time (if you are my age!!) You're invited to the PROM!!

Who will go with who? What will the dress look like? Will there be tears or smiles? With a catchy soundtrack and fresh faced cast, there are plenty of things to like about this new release from Disney. (November 2 on Blu-Ray and DVD)

Come along for the ride with Nova - class president, prom comittee leader and general overacheiver. Will her Prom be all she dreams of?
Jesse - the bad boy who couldn't care less about PROM - can Nova change his mind?
Tyler and Jordan, on track for a perfect Prom, or are they?
Simone - Will she choose with her head or her heart?
Lloyd - will he find Miss Right in time?

You have the opportunity to find out if you win my first ever GIVEAWAY!

 The winner will receive a PROM movie pack, which includes;

1 x PROM Value Pack (Blu-ray and DVD)
1 x PROM Keychain
1 x PROM Sticker Set
1 x PROM Notebook
1 x PROM Women’s T-Shirt

 To enter, simply become a follower of Wherever the day takes you (if you aren't already!) Then tell me your best Prom (or school formal/dance etc) moment. The winner will be judged by myself and response published in a winners post.

Competition closes Friday 18th November 5PM EST. Australian entries only (sorry to any overseas guests!)
Winner will be contacted by email.

** No payment was received for this review. I was given a copy of PROM to review.

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Hosted by Three Lil Princesses
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