Friday, October 28, 2011

Things my Nose Knows

     My nose knows that thanks to the wonderful team at Air Wick and Soup, I have been sniffing my little heart out -

One of the three fabulous fragrances.(Image source)

     I know that coming home to a clean house is great - coming home to a 'stale' house is not. That's where Air Wick Aqua Mist can help! In a huge 345ml bottle and a clever metered pump spray, you will be able to keep your home smelling fresh for ages!
I know Aqua Mist is available in three different fragrances, and I had trouble deciding on my favourite!

Wild Lavender and Mountain Breeze is great for freshening up any space you want to maintain an atmosphere of calm in. Bedrooms, studies you name it - one spritz an hour or so before bedtime will have you snoozing soundly.

Fresh Waters - is not a floral fragrance; has hubby's 'man cave' become a little too lived in? Does the smell of used running shoes hit you every time you venture past? Eradicate the problem with Aqua Mist's Fresh Waters fragrance; your nostrils will no longer be assaulted, but he won't complain it smells like a florist shop in his hideaway!
Magnolia and Cherry Blossom - sweet but not 'sugary' I said goodbye stale and hello to exotic with this fragrance. I know this became a quick favourite with my girls, a word of warning though - if you want a fresh home and not an overpowered one, don't let your 5 year old loose with this one!

     I know Air Wick Aqua Mist is versatile and safe enough to use on most fabrics, so freshening up your sofa or chairs is a breeze. I also know that one spray goes a long way which makes for great value for money.

      Lastly I know that you should check back in soon to learn how you could WIN your very own Air Wick Aqua Mist pack!!

     Come and share all the things you know with Yay! For Home today!

** No payment was offered or accepted for this review. I received 3 cases of product for the purpose of trial, review and soon - a giveaway!
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