Friday, October 21, 2011

A History of Shoes

Once upon a time I had a shoe addiction. Not exactly Imelda Marcos size, but enough that you would have to drag me kicking and screaming out of the shoe store. When you are a short arse vertically challenged, like me, things of beauty like these leave you drooling.......

Come to Mama sweetheart! (source)

During my late teens and uni years I owned many a high heel - especially when I met my future husband - who happens to be pushing the six foot mark. Hubby could care less about shoes - in fact standard issue for him would be something close to this;

At last count he had four pairs I can't tell apart! (source)

Of course, when you become a parent your priorities and disposable income change drastically, these days you would be more likely to find these on my tootsies....

Sad, I know but SO comfy ;-) (image credit)

Right now I have to live vicariously through blogs like Fox in Flats and
Retromummy . They remind me that I have no style any more, but one day I aspire to these again .........

If any or all of the designers above would be willing to send me a pair, I would humbly accept the challenge of wearing them in all manner of inappropriate places (kinder pick up anyone?) - and wearing those killer spikes to a stub in as little a time as humanly possible!

What is your fashion weakness? How do you indulge it?
Drool fest here   !!


 I am happy to be flogging at Where's my Glow? today, cos these pretties NEED to be shared!
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