Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Workin' 9 to 5

Eight years ago I was working in a job I hated - it was high stress, long hours and subsequently led to me becoming run down and being diagnosed with Glandular fever.

With a new mortgage and a looming wedding I found myself with no job and a bank account that was dwindling fast. Hubby and I married in the November of 2003, and by New Year 2004 I was still jobless. In the classic "it's not what you know but who" style I asked hubby if they might consider interviewing me for a sales position at his work. At that time he had been there for about 5 years and I had never heard him once say he hated the job or didn't like working for the company.

Getting the balance right!

Fast forward to today and I have been there for nearly eight years. They have accomodated two lenghs of maternity leave, a change in position from sales to admin and allowed me to job share so I can still have quality time with the girls.

I know how lucky that makes me in a world where a lot of mums have to make the choice between 'all or nothing' where reutrning to work is concerned. So today I am thankful that my employers took a chance, employed me when there was no job actually available, for privacy's sake I won't mention them by name ( the boss HATES facebook etc and anything related to it!) But send karma out to them as a great bunch of people to work with!

Linking up with Kate today 'cos I'm grateful that I've got the day off!!

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