Monday, October 10, 2011

Anything you can do - I can do Different

How much time do we spend comparing ourselves to others? Wishing we looked like this person, had the talent and skill of another? We spend our time scrutinising what we don't have, what we can't do, what we wish was different about our lives.

In an effort to change my mindset  - to appreciate my differences and imperfections, I will be joining with Kate at Picklebums for her Perfectly Imperfect project.

How am I perfectly imperfect? Well, let's see......

* I am not a perfect mother - but I love, cherish and encourage my children.

* I am not a perfect housewife - but my home is clean (if not always tidy!) and a place for our family to feel safe and friends to feel welcome.

* I am not a perfect person - but I aim to be kind, open minded and tolerant of people who don't choose to live the same way I do.

If everyone in the world was the same - imagine how boring life would be!

perfectly imperfect banner

You can join in with Kate too -look out for the link that will appear on her blog in late October, and share your stories of how you are different - and perfect just the way you are!!
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