Friday, July 6, 2012

Snow Day - The Prologue

Think I spent about 2 minutes trying to ski...

Years ago, (before kids!), hubby
 and I were invited to spend a few nights at Mt Hotham with a group of friends. I had never even seen the snow before, so excitedly we hired all our gear, endured hours on winding roads in the back of a crowded 4WD and had an incredible (read drunken) few days.

A week or so ago, my mother in law fielded the idea of a snow day with both our family, my SIL and her kids.  The kids are super excited and can't wait to throw snowballs and go tobogganing. In my typical worry wart style, my first thoughts were; "But we don't have any snow clothes, this is going to cost a fortune, I'll be left to arrange everything."

Much to my amazement, hubby is right on top of things - he is looking at where to hire our stuff, what lunch to take up with us and how much the day will cost. My only headache has been trying to find winter scarves/gloves etc in the stores! A trip to DFO might have been advisable to try and find end of season bargains, but trying to tackle anywhere like that during school holidays is NOT my idea of fun!

Source: via Jannes on Pinterest

For those of you who are snow goers, any tips as to what to take/do/avoid for the complete newbie?? Any tips would be much appreciated!

Monday, July 2, 2012


I was told after the birth of two children, to thank my lucky stars both were girls, because I would never have to face 'empty fridge' syndrome.

I was lead to believe that the "Y" chromasome was directly responsible for the emptying of pantrys, the tornado in the kitchen, the lack of food in a household.

Well guess what? WRONG! I don't know what I am doing wrong, but these kids, at 6 and (almost)  4 are always ravenous. Even after a decent breakfast they return again and again to the kitchen. I make sure there are healthy options available to snack on: fruit, vegie sticks, popcorn, muesli bars etc, but the words "Mum, can I have something to eat?" is like fingernails on a blackboard to me.

Very familiar scene in our house!

Now we are in school holidays, I know it will get worse. I know some of it may be out of boredom, so we have lots of things to do/make/watch in our time at home. However, there are only so many diversionary tactics up my sleeve, and short of putting locks on the cupboard, I cannot patrol the kitchen 24/7.

I admit, I am a grazer by nature, so it should not come as a surprise to me that my kids are doing the same. I would worry more if they were not finishing dinner, but more times than not they will clean their plates.

My worry is that I am being too soft by letting them help themselves, and in the future, mindless eating will become a habit for them. I would love to hear what the 'rule of the land' is at other homes. Is the pantry open to all, or are three meals a day the way to go?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Hey na, Hey na, the Blog is back!

Sometimes you just need a break. I never intended for 2 months to fly by without a post, but hey, that's life. Between working, school runs, training, and keeping the house some semblance of clean the poor old blog has been quite neglected.

(image source)

I have been lurking, I must admit, so I am not entirely out of the loop, but as for what's been going on here, hmmm, lets see;

* Breaking a world record for the worlds largest outdoor circit training with the 12wbt crew.

* Training for my first 10K fun run on the 15th of July.

*  Shannyn lost her first tooth and was extatic the tooh fairy left her some cash!

* Lots of boring other stuff that I can never make sound as exciting as Mrs Woog!

I'm hoping that I'll be able to get my shiz into gear and organise regular posts, I have a few ideas buzzing around in my head, so will see what evolves!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fitness Friday - So what next?

Hello scales - I am not afraid of you anymore.......

That read 62.8 last December!

At the end of last year I was bordering on overweight, unhappy, unmotivated and needed a kick up the butt to get me out of the rut I was in.

What I have learned about myself in the last 16 weeks (counting preseason tasks) has been sometimes hard to face, and is by no means complete. I was under no illusions that all my excuses would suddenly melt away, or that this program would have all the magic answers.

It has been bloody tough, and so many times I felt like I couldn't be bothered anymore - all the little voices inside my head were screaming at me;
" You're not that big, you don't really need to lose weight ."
" Life is too short not to have that chocolate/slice of cake/cheesy pizza."
" You have a family to put first, they're more important."

I may have lost 6.3 kilos in the past 12 weeks, but I have found so much more. I feel like 'Skye' again, the girl who was on the athletics team, who danced for 20 years, who would dance till she dropped at a party.

I have found new friends, all on the same journey. For some that journey continues into round 2, and I will continue to train with them. We are there to support one another, and this may sound like a bunch of bull, but there is truly no judgement, no contest, with these guys. We are all together for a purpose, and any achievement, big or small is celebrated. I feel immensely lucky to have found them. Thank you "Western Warriors" - you are ALL amazing!

I am not discounting entering the "Lean and Fit" program for round 3, I'll see how I do on my own, but I am starting to see a little muscle definition and am loving it!

So where to next? I still have the Mothers Day Classic 8K to tackle, a Finale workout and Party to rock, and will continue to look for new opportunities. My biggest obstacle will be complacency - old habits creeping back in. I believe though, that I am more capable of identifying and stopping those old habits than I have been in the past.

This program is not for everyone, but I feel like it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Well done to all who stuck it out - if you couldn't, don't lose heart - you are closer to your goals than those who never started in the first place.

Thanks to Kate and Sarah for hosting the 12 week blogger transformation!

I've started - now I just need to keep going .........

And one day I may look (and feel) this good!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fitness friday - The finish line

I have been really slack here of late, but not with my 12wbt tasks!

 Hanging Rock, a place I have not visited in years was the backdrop for my 5K fun run. I didn't run the whole way, but was amazed at my finish time of 36 minutes 31 seconds. I felt so proud of myself to be out in the fresh air, instead of sitting at home on my butt!

Yay me!!
Last night I attended a Body Attack class and put myself through an hour of high intensity aerobics. My muscles are feeling it today, but loved every minute!

In preparation for the last week of the program, I am trying to print off as many recipes from the website that I won't have access to, seeing I am not joining in with Round 2. I will continue to train every fortnight with Evan, and the group of wonderful people I have met through the "Western Warriors" facebook page. We are all heading into the group workout, and most will be dancing the night away at Finale on the 19th of May.

Weight wise , I have now lost a total of 10% of my starting weight! I know I will have to work hard to maintain where I am now, but I love my new shape, the strength my body has now, and trying new training styles.
On my wish list is to participate in a mini triathalon, and try indoor rock climbing!

Starting out nearly 4 months ago (including pre season) I must admit I was a little sceptical that I wuold acheive anything beyond a couple of kilos weight loss, but I have gained SO MUCH from this, which I will explain in my round up post next week.

A huge congratulations to all who have stuck it out, hopefully 12 weeks really is long enough to change our lives!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fitness Friday - Walking Tall

Anyone who has known me for a while can tell you I am not a shrinking violet. Even so, I feel a change in the way I am presenting myself these days. I am making more of an effort to dress nicely, even just to pop down the shops. I find myself smiling for no particular reason - I suppose when you take the time to look after yourself, your whole body wants to show it.

Another good loss this week, I gained the week before, so to see those scales drop back again was great! I was telling some work mates the other day that if I lose one more kilo I will be the weight I was for my deb. ball in year 11. That was 19 years ago, can you believe it?

All in my training group are preparing for the final group workout and Finale party on the 19th of May. Hard to believe it is so close, and yet, I don't want to consider it the 'end' of my journey. I will not be participating in Round 2, but the lessons I have learnt, how far I have come physically and mentally will NOT be undone.

I have learnt that I enjoy challenging myself to run that extra 100 metres, to up the spin bike resistance, do one extra rep. If I ever wane, all I need do is come back here and remind myself. Next Saturday I will be running my first of what I hope will be many fun runs. My next aim? Mini triathalons (OMG!!)

What has been your biggest acheivement? Come and share with Kate Says Stuff and Mummy Smiles!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

You know your'e a 12wbt'er when....

1) You spend your hard earned day off doing this....

For the uninitiated, this is also known as the 1000 steps, in the Dandenong Ranges. I must admit I could have pushed a little harder than I did, but it was packed!! Also the fact that I went with a group of fellow 12wbt girls and we gossiped non stop probably didn't help our progress!

2) Your new uniform seems to be runners, and your excersise gear.

3) Your are reading a book to your daughter with a character called Hamish in it. She says "I know someone named Hamish" Assuming she means at school you ask if he is in a different grade. "No, Hamish from The Biggest Loser!" Epic Mum fail there!

4) You have the strength to say no to warm, buttery hot cross buns being passed around the office at work. You also receive two Easter eggs from the boss but take them home for the girls!

Forty million, billion, zillion calories!!

 5) You used to look forward to a pie and chips at the footy, but now the thought of eating them makes you gag.

6) You are debating whether or not to do Round 2 which starts soon. I think I have decided to see if I can keep it up solo, and then join Round 3 if I fall off the wagon.

Wishing every one a Happy Easter, don't go too crazy!!
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