Saturday, April 7, 2012

You know your'e a 12wbt'er when....

1) You spend your hard earned day off doing this....

For the uninitiated, this is also known as the 1000 steps, in the Dandenong Ranges. I must admit I could have pushed a little harder than I did, but it was packed!! Also the fact that I went with a group of fellow 12wbt girls and we gossiped non stop probably didn't help our progress!

2) Your new uniform seems to be runners, and your excersise gear.

3) Your are reading a book to your daughter with a character called Hamish in it. She says "I know someone named Hamish" Assuming she means at school you ask if he is in a different grade. "No, Hamish from The Biggest Loser!" Epic Mum fail there!

4) You have the strength to say no to warm, buttery hot cross buns being passed around the office at work. You also receive two Easter eggs from the boss but take them home for the girls!

Forty million, billion, zillion calories!!

 5) You used to look forward to a pie and chips at the footy, but now the thought of eating them makes you gag.

6) You are debating whether or not to do Round 2 which starts soon. I think I have decided to see if I can keep it up solo, and then join Round 3 if I fall off the wagon.

Wishing every one a Happy Easter, don't go too crazy!!
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