Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday - the First World Edition

    Anyone who hasn't been living under a blogging rock will know that a very awesome woman by the name of Eden is in Niger right now.  As a World Vision ambassador she is posting her little tail off to bring attention to the hunger crisis there.

     Tonight, as I was rinsing off the dinner plates, taking for granted how easy it is to put a meal on the table, turn the tap on to get clean water, I stopped to be greatful for these little things.

     After dinner, Shannyn asked me to test her on her word flashcards - I love how enthusiastic she is to learn, and again, Eden's powerful images came back into my mind. I have to be greatful that my girls have the opportunity to not only go to school, but to have the tools to make learning easy and fun.

      While I sleep tonight in a warm, comfortable bed, many are making do in ramshackle huts, while I will choose to go for a hike tomorrow (for fun?!), many have to walk miles to access basic medical care, or food supplies. I have so much to be greatful for, I should try to remember that more often.

       To read more of Edens eye opening journey, or see how you can make a difference;

                                      HERE    .....................    AND HERE

   To rip off an old saying - Eden, to the world you may be one person, but to SO MANY PEOPLE, you are bringing the world.

   Sharing my gratitude with Kate Says Stuff - are you sharing too?

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