Friday, April 27, 2012

Fitness friday - The finish line

I have been really slack here of late, but not with my 12wbt tasks!

 Hanging Rock, a place I have not visited in years was the backdrop for my 5K fun run. I didn't run the whole way, but was amazed at my finish time of 36 minutes 31 seconds. I felt so proud of myself to be out in the fresh air, instead of sitting at home on my butt!

Yay me!!
Last night I attended a Body Attack class and put myself through an hour of high intensity aerobics. My muscles are feeling it today, but loved every minute!

In preparation for the last week of the program, I am trying to print off as many recipes from the website that I won't have access to, seeing I am not joining in with Round 2. I will continue to train every fortnight with Evan, and the group of wonderful people I have met through the "Western Warriors" facebook page. We are all heading into the group workout, and most will be dancing the night away at Finale on the 19th of May.

Weight wise , I have now lost a total of 10% of my starting weight! I know I will have to work hard to maintain where I am now, but I love my new shape, the strength my body has now, and trying new training styles.
On my wish list is to participate in a mini triathalon, and try indoor rock climbing!

Starting out nearly 4 months ago (including pre season) I must admit I was a little sceptical that I wuold acheive anything beyond a couple of kilos weight loss, but I have gained SO MUCH from this, which I will explain in my round up post next week.

A huge congratulations to all who have stuck it out, hopefully 12 weeks really is long enough to change our lives!
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