Friday, May 4, 2012

Fitness Friday - So what next?

Hello scales - I am not afraid of you anymore.......

That read 62.8 last December!

At the end of last year I was bordering on overweight, unhappy, unmotivated and needed a kick up the butt to get me out of the rut I was in.

What I have learned about myself in the last 16 weeks (counting preseason tasks) has been sometimes hard to face, and is by no means complete. I was under no illusions that all my excuses would suddenly melt away, or that this program would have all the magic answers.

It has been bloody tough, and so many times I felt like I couldn't be bothered anymore - all the little voices inside my head were screaming at me;
" You're not that big, you don't really need to lose weight ."
" Life is too short not to have that chocolate/slice of cake/cheesy pizza."
" You have a family to put first, they're more important."

I may have lost 6.3 kilos in the past 12 weeks, but I have found so much more. I feel like 'Skye' again, the girl who was on the athletics team, who danced for 20 years, who would dance till she dropped at a party.

I have found new friends, all on the same journey. For some that journey continues into round 2, and I will continue to train with them. We are there to support one another, and this may sound like a bunch of bull, but there is truly no judgement, no contest, with these guys. We are all together for a purpose, and any achievement, big or small is celebrated. I feel immensely lucky to have found them. Thank you "Western Warriors" - you are ALL amazing!

I am not discounting entering the "Lean and Fit" program for round 3, I'll see how I do on my own, but I am starting to see a little muscle definition and am loving it!

So where to next? I still have the Mothers Day Classic 8K to tackle, a Finale workout and Party to rock, and will continue to look for new opportunities. My biggest obstacle will be complacency - old habits creeping back in. I believe though, that I am more capable of identifying and stopping those old habits than I have been in the past.

This program is not for everyone, but I feel like it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Well done to all who stuck it out - if you couldn't, don't lose heart - you are closer to your goals than those who never started in the first place.

Thanks to Kate and Sarah for hosting the 12 week blogger transformation!

I've started - now I just need to keep going .........

And one day I may look (and feel) this good!

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