Sunday, April 1, 2012

Small Fish


About 20 minutes into the first session of DPCON12, I was thinking "OK, I am WAY out of my depth here." All the talk of working with charities, brands, what I am 'selling', what I am 'worth' (more than a bottle of moisturiser seemed to be the agreement!) was starting to make my brain fry. The recurring thought that I am a very small fish in a very big pond was ever present.

But then, the 'AHA' moment struck; that every person in that room was there for the same reason, and it had nothing to do with page stats, Klout scores, or how many bottles of moisturiser you've reviewed.  Every person in that room was there to be inspired, to learn, to share. To connect with others who "GET IT." This strange, wonderful and much misunderstood world of blogging is growing, and the opportunities that brings are only just starting to be realised.

To be a part of a community that are breaking the rules, pushing the boundaries, opening doors or even just sharing the everyday 'sameness' of life is so exciting. To finally put faces to names (or Twitter handles!) was one of the most gratifying parts of my day, as was the realisation that people HAVE read my blog!

I am still very new to this - even after a year I am not sure what direction I want the blog to take, but I do know I will continue to swim in this very large pond. I will continue to connect, to learn, and explore the possibilities. After Friday, I know I am not swimming alone.
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