Friday, July 6, 2012

Snow Day - The Prologue

Think I spent about 2 minutes trying to ski...

Years ago, (before kids!), hubby
 and I were invited to spend a few nights at Mt Hotham with a group of friends. I had never even seen the snow before, so excitedly we hired all our gear, endured hours on winding roads in the back of a crowded 4WD and had an incredible (read drunken) few days.

A week or so ago, my mother in law fielded the idea of a snow day with both our family, my SIL and her kids.  The kids are super excited and can't wait to throw snowballs and go tobogganing. In my typical worry wart style, my first thoughts were; "But we don't have any snow clothes, this is going to cost a fortune, I'll be left to arrange everything."

Much to my amazement, hubby is right on top of things - he is looking at where to hire our stuff, what lunch to take up with us and how much the day will cost. My only headache has been trying to find winter scarves/gloves etc in the stores! A trip to DFO might have been advisable to try and find end of season bargains, but trying to tackle anywhere like that during school holidays is NOT my idea of fun!

Source: via Jannes on Pinterest

For those of you who are snow goers, any tips as to what to take/do/avoid for the complete newbie?? Any tips would be much appreciated!
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