Friday, June 17, 2011

50 Amazing, funny, sad but true, and completely useless facts about ME!

Well well, 50 posts, who would have thought? Thanks to the small band of nutters, followers who check in to examine the strange workings of my mind, so I thought I would share (cos we're all about sharing on here!) 50 weird and wonderful things about yours truly for my 50th post!
  1.  My nickname, Skyelee, originates from the fact that there is no possible way to shorten my name, so everyone just merges my first and second names together. Original huh?
  2. My birthday is June 30, so my parents have always called me a 'tax deduction'.
  3. My hubby and I both come from small families, only one sibling each.
  4. I have known my besties for 23 years, me thinks we need a 25 year "we haven't killed each other yet" holiday together in 2013!
  5. I wore braces for years after an accident when I was eight left me with 'bugs bunny' teeth.
  6. I STILL hate my teeth and would have them all capped if it didn't cost as much as a Caribbean cruise.
  7. I am a Melbourne girl born and bred, and cannot imagine living anywhere else.
  8. I am a MAD Collingwood supporter (please don't hold it against me!)
  9. Growing up I wanted to be a ballerina, an architect, a photographer and a florist. (Not all at the same time!)
  10. I have performed in front of 95,000 people at an AFL Grand Final.
  11. I have a Bachelor of Business degree (and the HECS debt to prove it.)
  12. Met my hubby through an ex-boyfriend in 1995
  13. We got married in 2003 at the Melbourne Zoo - it was an AMAZING day!
  14. My dad and I are creating our family tree. It currently has 1264 people in it - including convicts from the First and Second Fleets.
  15. Most of my ancestors were miners, but I am claustrophobic!
  16. I was a 'teenybopper'. NKOTB were my favourite!
  17. Current favourites are MUSE and India Arie.
  18. I love movies, but can't stand horror films.
  19. I own all the Harry Potter films but have never read the books!
  20. My favourite T.V. show ever - LOST
  21. Team Edward or Jacob? - Edward
  22. Who would play me in a film of my life? Drew Barrymore
  23. My first job was helping out my Pop in the local chemist shop on a Sunday morning - I got paid a whopping $20!!
  24. I now work part time in a sales/admin role for a plumbing supplies company (like a Reece but much better ;-) )
  25. My favourite colour is purple. 
  26. I was captain of purple house in both year 6 and year 12 at school.
  27. Love my 2 little girls to bits - but have no desire for baby #3
  28. My youngest and her cousin were born only 11 days apart in 2008
  29. Would love to learn how to knit and sew
  30. Would love to travel, but am terrified of flying!
  31. Ironically, I can see the airport from where we live.
  32. I have no piercings (not even ears,) and no tattoos.
  33. I have never broken a bone.
  34. I have a sweet tooth and am aching to try these out soon.
  35. I can't stand coriander - I have no idea how people can eat it...
  36. I would love to try growing my own veggies, but have a black thumb!
  37. I have appalling handwriting and usually stick to capital letters.
  38. I am not a naturally neat person, but am slowly coming around!
  39. I can spend months preparing for X-mas, I love finding just the right gift for someone.
  40. I am 'i' phobic. I don't own an ipad, an iphone, and I have a love/hate relationship with my ipod.
  41. The only thing I know how to do on an iphone is play Angry Birds - stupid addictive game.........
  42. I took dancing lessons for 20 years (ballet, jazz and tap)
  43. The only Australian state capital city I have not been to is Darwin
  44. My favourite book genre is historic fiction. I read Year of Wonders at least once a year.
  45. My earliest memory is visiting my sister in hospital when she had a hernia operation - I was three.
  46. I love pyjama days and would live in my flannies if I could!
  47. I could watch my girls play for hours.
  48. My mother is the most amazing, kind, supportive and resilient person I know.
  49. My hubby comes in a close second.
  50. You can totally LIKE me on FACEBOOK (what a plug hey?!)
PHEW!! Thanks for getting all the way to the bottom of the list. You can run for the hills now....... I am having a ball getting to know some incredible people (if only online) through blogging - what should I know about YOU??
Flogging time again with Where's My Glow - are you game?


    1. Found my way here from FYBF and following now. GREAT list, I love the links through it too! Perfect thing for my first visit here! I loved NKOTB too, Joey McIntyre was a total dreamboat.. hehe.

    2. LOL Tracy, Joe was my favourite too ;-) Thanks for following!

    3. Awesome list! Darwin is the only capital I haven't been to either, but I've been to all states and territories :)

    4. Hi, I'm your new follower after reading #35: I cannot comprehend coriander eating people either!!!!

      Oh yeah, Joe fan here too, also because of the smaller age gap he seemed more achievable...

      Looking forward to reading more about you :)


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