Monday, March 7, 2011

Chalk and Cheese

I suppose it is quite common to describe siblings this way, but in this case it is so true! Shannyn, the older of my two girls is the introspective, cautious one; she will always suss out a situation before deciding whether to participate. She is a sensitive soul, happy to entertain herself and is starting to show real compassion and caring for her sister and those around her.
Ashlee is Miss Personality! It is very hard to miss the fact that she is in the room, always first to an activity or the food! Head first into everything, she is curious and impatient to try anything new, especially if Shannyn is involved.
Despite the difference, they seem to really enjoy each others company (for the most part!), and I am loving watching all the great imaginative games they are developing together. Love these two heaps!!!!!

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