Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time for a change

I thought a change of theme and colour might inspire me to write a bit more.... and actually it did! It got me thinking about change; I was at a friends house recently when a relative of hers (whom I hadn't seen for over 10 years) told me I look 'exactly the same'. On the surface I was pleased with the compliment it implied - ( I don't look older, fatter etc...LOL)!
But on the drive home I argued with myself - why shouldn't I change? Why do I have to look the way I did a decade ago? What is holding me back from an "update?"
I am by nature a planner, very few things I do are spur of the moment. How do you embrace spontaneity? Any suggestions??  

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  1. I'm a shocker! Planned to the last minute most of the time. The thing that has dragged me out of this is the fact that S can be called into work at any time of the day or night and all my careful planning goes to hell! There are some good lessons about loosening up in that for me, but I don't necessarily recommend W take up trucking LOL ;)

    I had someone tell me the other day I couldn't be old enough to have 4 kids. Aside from the fact I think I pffffted in their face, I spent a while after thinking about how much I LOVE my age and where my life is right now. How I nowhere near fit the cultural 'ideal' of beauty or whatever and how much I LOVE that! Must blog about it sometime this week myself I think :D

    I live in my Mummy Uniform of jeans, runners and hoodies. I change my hair all the time (but as you know I always have so it's kind of like not changing at all ;)). I'm pretty darned boring and it's fabulous! Change if YOU want to, and embrace it if you don't because you are fabulous as you are. xox.


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