Friday, March 11, 2011

The Seven Deadly Sins!

Oops, think I am guilty of them all;
The fact that I can comfortably put away a decent size block of chocolate in less than two days would take care of GLUTTONY.
I always want more and more cuddles and kisses from my beautiful girls; I am so full of GREED
Hmmmm, spending over $100 on face products in one go? My VANITY has got the better of me....
I am full of PRIDE that I have a job I have loved for seven years, and I can continue to do it well (and no, I am NOT going back full time!!!)
I ENVY those women who look well presented and "together" all the time - even with a couple of kids in tow!
My movie and TV series collection is nearing the 200 mark, and I love a hot bath with a good book to relax; my down time is SLOTH to the core!
I love where my life is at at the moment and LUST for even more good times with family and friends                                      xxxxxxxxxxx
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