Friday, June 24, 2011

Things I know - I'm a newbie!

Joining up for the first time with Shae at Yay for Home 'cos I got me some things I know this week!

- I know when your 5 year old wakes you up at 4:30 am with the words "Mum, I don't feel well", the next few hours are not going to be pretty.

- Listening to her say "why do I have to be sick?" whilst in tears is heart wrenching.

- You can never have too many cuddles when your'e feeling crappy.

- When youv'e been up since 4:30 am, and cannot go out for fear of a 'chuck attack' by same 5 year old,  online groceries that will arrive the same day are a godsend!

- The day after the night before is a perfect excuse for a pyjama day and some Disney movies!

I am also flogging my new found wisdom (?) with the red nosed Glowless today too. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Aww hope your little one is feeling better xx

  2. Oh another poor sickie in the Things I Know this week! Hope she's all better soon. Hope there was something yummy in the groceries :)

  3. Thanks Leah :-), the groceries are arriving this afternoon, and yes there will be a few yummy things in there (read CHOCCIE and BOOZE!)

  4. Oh poor Shannyn, hope she recovers quickly!

    Choccies + booze = all win!

  5. Ohh no. Sick kids are just the worst, poor little thing.

  6. Lots of sickies over the interwebs this week :( hope everyone is on the road to recovery


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