Monday, June 6, 2011

When Disaster Strikes......

A sad and sorry state in this house last night ladies and gentlemen. The wine bottle was EMPTY!! What to do??????
Never mind, the trusty fall back of a little glass of Johnnie Walker or Bacardi would help a worn out Mum wind down at the end of the day. Worn out Mum had blocked out the memory forgotten the self imposed Coke ban - the slow realisation that no liquid relief would be had tonight was seeping into my brain when........ the HERO appeared!
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Hubby announced that a snack run was imminent. How he could survive without Twisties whilst watching the French Open final did not concern me - he would have access to Coke!!
My hero went one better; he promised chocolate too (what a guy huh?) I knew that his serenading skills (see previous post) was not the only reason I married him. My hero was going to save the day! 
The smile plastered across my face could not have been any wider when I heard the front door herald his arrival home from the store. I would have Coke! With alcoholic accompaniment! And chocolate!
The wait was nearly over!

A pedestal was being prepared for my hero when I heard the following.....
"Shit - I forgot the Coke!"
Lesson learned - if you want it -  go get it your damned self.
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