Tuesday, June 14, 2011

If it aint Beer-O-Clock, it must be Wine-Thirty.

If you had told me five and a half years ago that having children would drive me to drink I would have slapped you. If you said the same thing today I'd hand you a beer. As a child I would often hear my parents talk about that mysterious grown up thing - Beer-o-clock. Mum would have a shandy or a glass of wine while cooking dinner and dad would grab a beer and watch the news.
There are many awareness campaigns targeting teenage binge drinking and parents drinking habits, but I honestly think it was my parents 'everything in moderation' approach that let me avoid going nuts as a teenager, and put into perspective one or two drinks a few times a week that I need enjoy now.
It never occurred to me as I was growing up that the reason Beer-o-clock was such a coveted hour was ME (and my sister!) Being a parent is bloody hard work, and a little liquid refreshment is a hell of a lot cheaper than flying Lars the Swiss masseuse in every couple of days or a quick escape to Barbados. I have tried yoga, but it is too hard to keep the glass steady when you're in the 'downward dog'.

Oh crap - where did I put the bottle opener?

I now get to enjoy Beer-o-clock with my parents - the only irony is Mum gave up alcohol right around the time Shannyn was born! I know she smiles that 'been there, done that' smile as she passes me the Moscato, and I hope to pass the same attitude to my girls - WAIT UNTIL YOUR OLDER; and that goes double for boyfriends!!
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