Sunday, June 19, 2011

Soundtrack Sunday - the party edition!

Was flat out yesterday - I think my entire years worth of social life was squeezed into the last 24 hours. Not easy to do when you feel crapola (STILL have this bloody flu that is hanging around).

Yesterday was a day of contrasts, from the innocent frivolity that is a 5 year olds birthday party, we were surrounded by jumping castles, pinatas and face painting. Fast forward six hours and I was lurking in a dark room waiting to shout SURPRISE for a work mate's 50th. My hubby and another work mate had spent the last 3 weeks organising it and making sure the 40 odd people from work who were going kept hush hush about it. Mission accomplished - the surprisee had NO IDEA, and a great night was enjoyed with much dancing and drinking!

So in the spirit of revelry, a song that (usually) gets everyone onto the dance floor....

Do YOU know all the moves??
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