Monday, June 27, 2011


It is my birthday this week. I am a little -  OK a LOT depressed that this birthday will mean I am closer to 40 than back to 30. We don't tend to make a big deal of birthdays in our family and usually I am OK with that, lately however I have been feeling a little selfish. Why shouldn't I be able to ask for something nice for a change? My girlfriend told me once that if she doesn't get at least a really expensive piece of jewellery for her birthday (every year) she cracks it for weeks.
So, in the interests of being completely unrealistic, here is an abridged list of acceptable items for my gift.......

I'll be nice and let the colour be a surprise....

The room on the end will do just fine thanks!

Anything over 1.5 carats will be accepted.

Size eight please!

        The fact that I have to do stock take at work on my birthday also sucks, but if I am lucky I will be doing data entry in the office and not freezing my you know whats off in the warehouse!
Another year older, but not necessarily wiser, what can you do?

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