Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Smell of Success

Thank you to all who entered my Aquamist Giveaway - and here are the winners!

2 X $100 vouchers plus Aquamist prize pack.

Melanie W turned her hand to poetry;

"To keep my home fresh i let the air and light in
open the curtains,blinds, windows and take out the bin
Incense or the oil burner in the go
flowers on the table don't you know
Eucalyptus oil to give the house a good clean
Bi-carb to soak up odours unseen
plus nothing like having a visitor or 2
to inspire ones housework gets a power through
But nothing freshen a house more
than childrens laughter and baking smells galore! "
Mmmm, baked goods, Yes Please!!

Kate's tip was a simple one, but I had never thought of it before ...
  "I read a great tip on a great blog a whole ago that I've been using to freshen up the house.

Basically use your slow cooker as a giant aromatherapy burner! I put water with some sliced lemon, mint or whatever else takes my fancy and set it to cook with the lid slightly off to release the vapors. Works great!"

I can smell the freshness now!

Winner of $150 Coles Myer voucher and Aquamist prize pack;

Michelle had all bases covered with her winning entry -

"To keep my home looking fresh and clean,
(And trust me, I'm no domestic queen!)
I use vinegar to scour and scrub away
It's effective, and cheap enough to use every day!
Then there's lemons; they're great little wonders
For removing those stains caused by blunders!
And a cotton ball soaked in your fave scented oil
Put into your vacuum bag, you'll no longer recoil!
A small bowl of vanilla placed in the fridge
Will keep the aromas, well, ridgy-didge!
And last but not least, open a window or door,
The fresh air is simply too good to ignore!!!"

Thanks to Aquamist and Soup for the opportunity to host this giveaway!

Winners have been notified by email, great work ladies, I have no excuses for a stale home any more!!
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