Friday, July 29, 2011

I Did it, I Did it, I Did it - Hooray!

I will start by apologising if my post title has you singing the Dora the Explorer theme for the next five hours, but I have a smile on my face today! I have been promising myself and kinda dribbling it about on here that I wanted to start running again.

I stalled - lots, I found it hard to get motivated, I made every excuse under the sun, but last night the penny dropped and I just got out and did it. I am kind of following the C25K program that seems to be the trend at the moment, but have amended it for my less than beginner status.

Only one session in I can understand the hype - I feel amazing today. OK my legs are a little sore and I have a blister on my right heel from my new running shoes but who cares? Watch out October 23rd - I have you in my sights!

Meanwhile I found some great stuff to get/keep me motivated.

Joining in with all the other floggers at Where's my Glow. To all who are attending Blogopolis - have a FANTASTIC time, to those who can't - at least we can live vicariously through everyone else!

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