Monday, July 4, 2011


        My apologies to anyone who happened to be at Watergardens Shopping Centre today about mid morning. The lovely lady I job share with had to take a day off, so I filled in for her today 'cos I wanted extra money to buy shoes to help out the boss.

       My hubby and I work for the same company, so he managed to wrangle the kid minding duties, while I slaved away - OK had a cushy time -  at work.
  He makes a great house husband - I walked in to the smell of a lamb roast cooking, the laundry had been done and put away and the girls were doing some colouring in. "Look what I'm wearing today Mum" were Shannyns first words to me as I entered the family room. I looked, I grimaced - she was in a summer dress with a tshirt underneath, and had committed the fashion sin of wearing sandals with socks!!

She had also dressed Ashlee in an equally wince inducing ecclectic ensemble. Thank god they were just hanging around the house today was my first thought, but then hubby chimed in with "they wore that to the supermarket today, but  Shannyn had her black jacket on too."

I am officially inviting anyone who had to witness this fashion suicide to contact me with your address details so I can send each and every one of you some Visine to wash the pain out of your eyes. I am also disowning my husband and denying any knowledge that these kids are mine.......

   But just for today ;-)
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