Monday, July 11, 2011

Simply too much stuff!

My kids have stuff. Way too much stuff. And every Birthday and Christmas more stuff gets added to that stuff.
Just some of our 'stuff'

We have tried to cull, to donate, to give away but somehow the stuff stays. This year, when Shannyn turned five I made a decision, she didn't need any more stuff! When family and friends started asking what to get her as a present I replied - she doesn't need anything, in fact we aren't buying her a present.
Well! I got more than a few raised eyebrows at that. How could you? Not buy your own daughter a birthday present? Quick, ring DOCS immediately! What we did give her was her first outing to the museum. We rarely get much family time, so the four of us had a day just for us, to explore, to learn, to enjoy being in each others company.

Today I stumbled upon this article , it summarises beautifully what I have made a botch job of trying to express. Shannyn was allowed to choose one item from the gift shop as a memento of her birthday outing. She chose a small Phar Lap horse which takes pride of place on her bed.
We might take a trip to Healsville Sanctuary for Ashlees third birthday in October, and Christmas will be a FOTZ subscription. I'm discovering I'd much rather we 'do stuff' than 'have stuff' any day!!
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