Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sharing the Blog love with Nuffnang.

Happy Blog Day everyone! Nuffnang are helping us share some bloggy love by encouraging a big fat sharing day! It's easy - choose 6 Blogs you love (not necessarily the really famous ones) tell everyone why, and share 'em with all and sundry!
Here are mine ........

1 - Kate Says Stuff
I have known Kate for a helluva long time, she constantly amazes me with her outlook on life, she can find the silver lining on every cloud, the rainbow after the rainstorm. If you want strength and inspiration, look no further.

2 - The Organised Housewife
Now the winner of the AusMumpreneur Best Blog 2011 award, Katrina is the guru when it comes to all things neat and tidy. She inspired this to happen in my house, and things have slowly become more organised here!

3 -Little Brown Pen
Having done very little travel in my lifetime, I love to lose myself in Nichole's "colours of Paris' project. A series of photos that bring another world into my home. She sells her prints on Etsy, and I am seriously considering some for my bedroom makeover.

4 - A Little Space Like Home
Ah, Mandy, Mandy, Mandy - if it were not for you I would be blissfully ignorant of the torture that has been the C25K running challenge! You are my inspiration that it can be done. A fellow Melbournite, she shares her craft, recipe and activity ideas for all to enjoy!

5 - Daisy Roo and Two
A Mum, three kids, and the epic story of THE PRAM! Dasiy writes so authentically and invites you to share her adventures with Roo, and Two!

6 -First Tuesday Book Club
For fans of the show, you can follow along with Jennifer Byrne, learn what they are reviewing next, and past reviews. Great if you are looking for new material for your reading lists!

Source: flickr.com via Amanda on Pinterest

Of course there are many, many others I follow, it was hard to narrow down to only 6, hop on over and explore these great blogs!

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