Friday, August 12, 2011


     Anyone with children will be familiar with 'broken record' syndrome. You say the same things over and over, hoping that your little darlings will get the message and finally do what you are asking them. Why is it then, when  you have to do the same for a somewhat older and much larger 'child' it is called nagging?
      As a rule (and my hubby may dispute this!) I don't nag - but where do you draw the line between caving and just doing the task yourself, and asking repeatedly for something to get done?    

     I am not the tidiest person in the world - I am the first to admit that, but am trying to set a good example for the girls. Why is it then that the other adult in this house expects to be able to do the following, but yell at the girls when they do it?
1) Leave WET towels on the floor?
2) Discard worn clothes wherever they are taken off (even if that is two inches away from the clothes basket?)
3) Leave things next to the sink or diswasher for me to clean?

    I decided last week to conduct a little experiment. Hubby takes to tennis with him a large drink bottle for his Gatorade. This was left next to the sink when he got home. It would have taken him 30 seconds to tip out the leftovers and rinse it out. I left it there to see what would happen if the housemaid (ie ME) didn't touch it. It stayed there the entire week, and went mouldy  - result - I had to clean said mouldy drink bottle. Which begs the question - should I have nagged him to clean it or am I expected to do it for him?

How do you get things done? By nagging, 'subtle reminding' or is it easier to just do the damn thing yourself?

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