Friday, August 19, 2011

Bed Ridden

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That's where I've been for the last 5 days. We all wish we could spend a few days just lying in, not worrying about the laundry, the state of the floors, what to make the kids for dinner, but when you are so sick you cannot do any of these all you want to do is jump up and grab the hoover. (OK, not quite!)
I have never had a virus like this before - it just annihilates you - it has included flu, gastro, the body aches and lethargy. The girls have luckily avoided it (so far) and hubby is like the man of steel where illness is concerned, so I hope it bypasses him as well.
Just a short post today to say 'hi', I'm still around and I hope to catch up with every ones blogs when I'm 'fully functional' again!
Linking up with Glowless as always......

P.S. - I'll be crawling back into bed now so apologies if I don't reply to any comments straight away :-(

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