Monday, August 29, 2011

Loud Shirt Day

When we took Ashlee for her 12 month old visit to the health nurse, we were advised to seek further assesment with her hearing. At the time she would tkae ages to respond to voices, and seemed to have trouble forming her first words.
 I am so greatful that now, at nearly three she ignores us by choice! Her hearing is fine and speech is developing well. For many kids however, they will need help, this is where the amazing folk at First Voice come in.
If you read Woogsworld (and if you don't WHY NOT?) You will know she has a son named Jack. What you may not know is how First Voice has helped him.
Loud Shirt Day , on October 21st is an intiative to raise funds so that First Voice can continue to help children all across Australia and New Zealand.
So, which will it be?......