Monday, January 23, 2012

You Gotta have a Goal

Wow! That was actually tougher than I thought! Preseason tasks 2 and 3 were real eye openers. Firstly to be confronted by your excuses is, well, confronting.
Then to actually set down what you want and how you are going to get there - its funny, but how many of us actually get to do that anymore? To be asked, instead of told. To be accountable for your own success is quite a scary thing, and to be honest, when I signed up for the 12WBT I mistakenly thought "Michelle is in charge. She will tell me what to do, when to do it."
But then as the tasks have progressed it has dawned on me that she can't help me achieve success if I can't tell her what my definition of that is. Beyond that, it is no good to have a goal in mind for the 12WBT if it will all go to the dogs on week 13.

So here goes, my short term and long term goals

After 1 month; Run 3 K non stop, and 5 k at intervals

After 3 months; Run 5K fun run, lose 4kgs

After 6 months; Run the Brooks series and better time each race
Maintain any weight loss

After 12 months; Complete 8K run, mothers Day classic, 10K run Melbourne. Fit into size 10

I also had to write down HOW I am going to achieve these, at the moment I am running every 2nd day, increasing distance each time, so that's a start.
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