Friday, January 13, 2012

I suck at doing the right thing.

...... because 'self sabotage' sounded so full of drivel! So the 12WBT that I have been droning on about is set to gear up on Monday, so what do I do?  Grab myself the biggest, gooiest, mouth wateringly huge piece of Camembert cheese and devour it. But not by itself, oh no - it's partner in crime; slice upon slice of salty, spicy, leave an oil ring around the mouth salami.

Come to Mumma honey!!

Not that I was particularly hungry mind you, but it made a nice lunch. Is it OK to say that I "balanced" it out with cottage cheese and tomato crackers? Yeah - didn't think so.
Thank my lucky stars the program includes a section on mind set and self talk to stop the rot.

Today being my day off, I should also be vacuuming, polishing, sweeping, all the stuff that keeps the house neat and tidy. Umm, reading The Organised Housewife counts right? RIGHT?

The moral of the story? That I need to be flogging madly today, so when the shiz does hit the fan on Monday, I will have lots of lovely people cheering me on and yelling via the interwebs;

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