Monday, May 30, 2011

The Winds of Change

OK everybody, hold on to your hats, something is slightly amiss in this household. After my misdirected rant the other day, a light bulb shattered over my head.
Maybe it was fate, maybe coincidence, maybe the housecleaning Gods took pity on me, but I just happened to stumble HERE after posting on Friday.
Two and two finally equalled four - I CAN DECLUTTER THIS HOVEL, Mum won't know what hit her (will have to be on stand by with paper bag if hyperventilation occurs!)
Rome wasn't built in a day of course, so am taking it S-L-O-W, today was the laundry cupboard (also known in our house as Black Hole #1).
The following is what was cleared off HALF a shelf.........
The brain dead male - people who designed my laundry cupboard made it quite impractical - it is all shelving - hence no room for brooms, mops, ironing board, basically anything that you would want to keep in a laundry cupboard, but after an hours work now looks quite orderly.
To people who are naturally quite neat it may still look like a rabble, but for me it is a great improvement and proof that I CAN achieve a neat house!!
So I send a big THANK YOU to Katrina at The Organised Housewife , you are changing my life - one shelf at a time.
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