Friday, May 20, 2011

Can you please shut up - I have nothing to say.

Hey!! Over here!!

Why do I blog? Do I want to be noticed, acknowledged, heard? Possibly. Why don't I feel this way in the 'real world?' Every day I feel bombarded by demands - from society, from my family, from my job.
                                       BUY THAT!
                                                                             YOU NEED!
I WANT!                                 
                                                     READ THIS!

I sometimes feel lost in a maze of white noise - maybe I need a place to clear my head. But do I actually have anything to say? Well - YES, as a matter of fact. It may not be deep, it may not be important, it may not even be interesting to anyone else, but this is my little space to both escape from and add to the cacophony that is my life.
So while I have this space I will continue to write about everything and nothing - I hope you have fun reading it!!

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  1. haha, great post! I'm the same - still not sure why I'm blogging - but I have discovered it's fun to do, and I keep blogging regardless of who's listening! Sometimes, letting the rest of the world... or cyberspace... or no one at all.. read something about your own thoughts and 'blah' is very satisfying!

  2. So very true. As great as it is to know people are listening, it's still great to just give over to your voice. I sometimes like to use my blog voice to talk back at some of those other voices - the ones that are always trying to sell me stuff or tell me what they think I should do to have a better/happier/prettier life. I doubt they listen but it feels good to have a whinge!

  3. Yep... I am wondering why on earth I blog too. Sometimes I get caught up in the whole 'you should blog/be this, you could blog/be that' that I forget that I blog because I enjoy it... everything else comes second!

  4. Hehe it's a bit of a contradiction isn't it? I don't want to be noticed in real life but I love it when people read my blog - how does that work?


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