Sunday, May 15, 2011

The itsy bitsy spider

Meet the newest addition to our laundry. Usually anything remotely resembling this shape in our household meets the can of Mortein in under 60 seconds, but this time it's different. About a fortnight ago I was bringing in the clothes from the clothesline, and a rather larger specimen than this greeted me as I closed the laundry door. It's fate - read the previous statement about Mortein! Then, two days later this little critter appeared out of nowhere. Feeling a sense of guilt for executing what I can only assume to have been 'Mum' I haven't been able to send him the same way.
He's been hanging around for a little while now, and we have become quite used to him - I am not particularly partial to spiders, but neither do they send me packing for the hills. The girls have named him "Crawly" - the generic name for anything around here that is bug/spider/small animal like in form.
To be fair, this photo does not give you a sense of scale, this guy is only a couple of centimetres across, but I have two questions that continually plague me;
One - what will I do when he grows as big as his dearly departed mother, and
Two - where the HELL are the rest of his brothers and sisters???????
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