Monday, April 25, 2011

My Tribute - Lest we forget

A post today in memory of my family who fought to let me live in a free country.
My father has traced our family tree back many generations, and they include many service man and women, but I wanted to especially note these few.
Firstly, my great grand uncle, Frank Rowland Pollock (1892-1962), who was in the second landing at Gallipoli on the original ANZAC day and wounded in the conflict.
We recently discovered that one of our distant relatives; William Hart (who is my 1st cousin, three times removed) was one of the Fromelle diggers whos grave was unearthed there a few years ago.
My grandfathers, Keith Semmens (1924-2004) and Clifford Pollock (1921-2010). Keith served in New Guinea and Borneo, Cliff in the RAAF. Cliff followed his older brother into the airforce, my great uncle, Phillip Rowland Pollock (1916-1942). Philip, like so many others, never made it home - here is his story

NAA : A705, 163/93/426.
Aircraft Type: Hudson
Serial number: AM 663
Radio call sign:
Unit: 500 Sqn RAF
Hudson AM 663 of 500 (County of Kent) Sqn RAF, took off at 0700 hours on 17 February 1942, from RAF Station, Binham, Norfolk, UK, to carry out an anti-shipping patrol off the Dutch coast. No communication was received from the aircraft, but an IFF plot which may have been AM 663 returning was seen to fade out approx 30 miles off the coast from Cromer (Norfolk) at 0957 hours.
RAAF 400290 PO Pollock, P.R., Pilot.
RAAF *********, Observer.
RAF *********, Wireless Operator.
RAF **********,G.F. Air Gunner.
With no trace of the missing aircraft or crew being found following post war enquiries and investigations, it was recorded in 1949 that the crew had lost their lives at sea and they would be commemorated on a Memorial to those deceased members who have no known grave.

In Memory of

400290, Royal Australian Air Force
who died age 25
on 17 February 1942
Son of Alfred William and Elizabeth Georgina Pollock, of Canterbury, Victoria, Australia.
Remembered with honour

"At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them. Lest we forget."

** Other names omitted to protect privacy.


  1. A timely reminder of the freedom we have today and all the families who lost love dones who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
    Lest we forget.

  2. Hi,

    I'm not too sure who you are but Philip Pollock is also my great uncle. I was thinking we should instigate him and see if any more information was available then what my granny (Evelyn) told us. I can't believe that you blogged this today, the same day I thought I'd just do a quick google to see what was out there. I would love to know where you found the above info and if you know any more. Send me an email:


  3. Have done Jenny. What a small world!

  4. I have placed a page on the website of - not much additional information but placed for remembrance.


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