Saturday, April 23, 2011

Glass half full

How much of our time is taken up looking on the bright side? I heard somewhere the other day that the human brain is programmed to be pessimistic - it helps us to prepare and process if there is danger on the horizon.
A friend of mine remarked to me recently that the topics I have written about on here are mainly the 'bright and breezy' side of life, and wished I would write something less so. At the time I agreed, but on reflection I thought; do I really want to air all my dirty laundry to people I don't know, have never met, and know nothing else about me other than what I have posted on here?
Many people find it soothing to vent out into cyberspace, it's a place where semi - anonymity can serve a purpose for getting things off your chest - I suppose the closest I have come was my post last week (Mama guilt). This blog, for me (at the moment anyway) is not for that. It is to help collect a small part of my life RIGHT NOW and invite people to share in it.
Right now - for the most part I am happy with where my life is, and where it is headed, but for my girlfriend, I will fulfill her request...........

** I have days where I yell, scream and generally behave like a three year old.
** I am hopeless at housework, and can be literally stepping over piles of dirty clothes before I can be bothered to chuck them in the machine.
** I love my kids, but sometimes I don't LIKE them very much
** I second guess myself constantly - am I a good mother, wife, person?
** I have to try real hard to get to the glass being half full more than the opposite
** I am me - warts and all.

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