Tuesday, April 5, 2011

$3.24 and a cup of joe

Hands up who loves a good book? I know, I know, I can't actually see any of you waving furiously at me beacuse this is, after all, the internet. But please let me delude myself into thinking people are actually reading my strange rants and play along!
In my dream home (which will become a reality once I start buying a powerball ticket) our front room is a study/library with floor to ceiling bookshelves full to the brim with fantastic works.
Whilst I every so often have the energy to lose myself in an Austen or Steinbeck, something has to be said for the 'dime store' novels;  I am becoming increasingly addicted to the cheapies from places like Big W. (Showing my level of 'chic' here lol!) My girlfriend nearly choked on her tea when I admitted this to her the other day, but I feel I have increased my enjoyment of genres I would not typically read by picking up these books.
Authors like Jim Crace (http://www.jim-crace.com/) , Morgan Llywelyn (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morgan_Llywelyn) and Tami Hoag (http://www.tamihoag.com/index.htm)  may not be widely heard of - by me at least -  but they certainly captured my attention.
OK - so they may not be literary jewels by any stretch of the imagination, but with $3.24 and a cup of good coffee I can be very well entertained!
What is your current book of choice; is it a Bryce Courtney or someone you've never read before?? What made you buy it/ borrow it (or even download it). What is YOUR definition of a good book?
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