Friday, September 23, 2011

Bathing in Coke

        Sitting at my computer this morning, I clicked into my online banking site to organise paying the bills (yay for BPAY!) Lucky I was sitting down, because as the water bill emerged from the envelope I saw this figure.....

        Our last bill was around the $190 mark, so, hyperventilating a little, I studied the bill to figure out where we had sprung a leak. We had used almost exaactly the same amount of water as the previous bill, but thanks to the annual parks charge (which I don't mind paying - it keeps our public places nice and shiny!) and a great leap in usage, service and drainage charges I am now going to have to bathe in Coke to avoid the bill.

        We only used $68 of water, so if you are a numbers person, you will figure out that LESS THAN 25% of our bill was for the water we used.
Our lovely(?) provider had enclosed a spiffy pamphlet with the bill to explain the increase and suggest ways in which to minimise the impact.

        The one and only tip - use less water. What genius came up with that? What, pray tell, should we replace it with, or do you propose we all take ourselves down to the local river for our once a week wash and laundry session?

     Being the kind generous person I am, I am willing to send the mob at the water company a slab of coke and some brillo pads for their next bathing experience. Hey, caffeine is supposed to help cellulite right?

That'll be $987 dollars thanks! (Image credit)

To ease the pain, I will Flogging with Glowless today!

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