Friday, February 25, 2011

A mouse in the house!!

Wanted; one brown furry ball of fluff that is currently using my house as a hide out!
Two days ago our cat Tabitha brought a mouse into the house. This is not unusual, however the mice are usually well and truly in mouse heaven - this one is not!! It has evaded capture for 48 hours, despite sightings in the bathroom, under the tv cabinet, the study, and most recently the master bedroom (eeeww). Who would think that something so small could be so darn frustrating.
I am trying to capture it without resorting to bait but every time I think I have it cornered it disappears again. Just picture Warren and I running about the house like the Benny Hill theme is playing and you will have some idea of how rediculous this is getting!
So for now we have an extra 'pet' in the house, but can't say I like the idea of it being a permanent addition!
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