Friday, March 16, 2012

Fitness Friday - Slowly does it

I fell off the wagon a little this past week - the thud was painful! Only a teensy tiny loss on the scales to punish me, but am determined to try extra hard this week.

Source: via Lara on Pinterest

Yesterday I did two (yes TWO) training sessions, one in the very early am, (weights and cardio in my garage!) One after work whilst Mum still had the girls. It was supposed to be a run, but it turned into an interval run walk, as my stamina just wasn't up to it :-(
I am also excited about meeting up with the crew at Melton waves again this week for a training session. Last time I burnt 396 calories in just over an hour, so hope to better that number this week.
The one down side of this change is that NONE of my pants fit me any more! Yes, a shopping spree sounds like a great reward for all the hard work, but I cannot find anything in the stores that I like. If anyone can reccommend somewhere they always find something great PLEASE let me know!
I know that this programme is more full on than anything I have done before, but I am still trying to get my head around the fact this has to be my new lifestyle - no going back to the couch lazing, coke swilling sloth I was before.
Luckily I will have these posts to remind me of all the struggles and triumphs so I dont repeat the pattern!
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