Friday, March 23, 2012

Fitness Friday - On the Menu

One of the things I thought I would struggle with at the start of the 12wbt was trying to follow the nutrition plan. I wouldn't call our family finicky eaters by any means, but we had a set bunch of meals that were the bulk of our dinners. I always struggled with lunch (especially buying lunches on work days!) I am a 'grazer' by natutre, hands up who watched Michelle's "inner labrador" video - I was nodding furiously! Yep, that was me!

I have, however been amazed at the array of meals we have tried that will now become regulars on our meal rotation. I am not following the nutrition plan to the letter, but am now familiar with what a days worth of food looks like, and what it should consist of.

So just to make you drool, here are the dinners we will be having over the next few days courtesy of the 12WBT.

FRIDAY - Baked Crumbed Fish with Smoked Paprika Wedges
SATURDAY - Thai Chicken Burgers
SUNDAY - Hoi Sin Beef Stir-fry
MONDAY - Creamy Chicken Boscaiola
TUESDAY - Herbed Chicken & Salad (hubby & kids out, just me)
WEDNESDAY - Meatballs on Wholemeal Penne

Yum or what!!

Another good week for me on the scales - 800g down, and now only 400g away from my initial goal weight. Not sure if I should lower it, but would be happy to sit around this weight with a little more muscle tone. The running is becoming second nature - 4.5K in 30 mins.... so close to the 5K now - that I have signed up for the 8K Mothers Day Classic (what was I thinking??)

Will finish off today with a great cartoon I found on Pinterest -

I LOVE that I can step on my scales and smile now....... hope everyone has had a great week! Come on over to Kate Says Stuff and Mummy Smiles to read more!
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