Friday, December 9, 2011

Things I thought I knew........

I know it has taken me half an hour to get this far because my computer has decided that it will play host to some nasty Gremlins!!
But, lets get to it shall we?
Linking up with Shae at Yay! for Home for Things I know Friday!

This week I thought I knew some stuff, but then life helped me change my mind!

- I thought I had all my Xmas shopping completed - then realised I had forgotten about my parents and in the in-laws!! Oops, how did that happen?

- I thought I would relish the coming of summer to Melbourne, but then it decided that 32 degrees was a nice temperature for today and I changed my mind ;-)

- I thought I knew that after 12 years of attending the same companies Xmas party it would all seem a bit passe, but then they brought out the big guns, a cocktail function here.....

So I know that tomorrow evening I will be sipping wine, catching up with some great work mates, and hopefully not drunkenly swimming with the fishies!!

What do you know this week?
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